Friday, April 20, 2012

Almost Done [Post 19.0]

It's alive! Using the LiveView application, I was able to make sure all of the type in my LifeTempo application worked accordingly and was the correct size. I also made sure there was enough room for people with fat fingers so be able to make their way around each tap and drag of a button. 

For my presentation, I want to base my presentation off of music and text, negating the soundtrack of the voice. The intro will sound a little like this: As fast as you can press the play button, life can move fast but  it can always slow down with a song. Along with the tempo of the song, feelings, smells, and memories rush around. We are all tied by senses. 

Even though there are people that are more enthusiastic about music than others, at the end of the day there is no question behind the power of music. If you've head one powerful song that has really opened your eyes, you can relate. This application lets users share their own special experiences with a song; being able to record on each memory specific details the song brings back. 

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