Friday, January 27, 2012

Mailing [Post 5.0]

The main part of my design system includes packaging for the [now decided] flash drive. They're small, the files on them can be modified, they could be more interesting to package, and who the hell has a CD player anymore?

I started looking at packages that USP supports and read along the lines of mailing rules. No weapons, explosives, etc. I do want this music selection to reside on a flash drive because these files can be removed and added to for later use. 

Personal Profile [Post 4.0]

Who doesn't like the idea of customization? I know load of people that really enjoy online quizes, personality tests, and want to be paired up with the man (or woman) of their dreams.

The thought is to create a personalized playlist for people some how. Do they add in what their mood is like? Or maybe they tell a story and someone picks what they would play in that situation? (i.e, my boyfriend broke up with me and slept with my best friend). Oh girl!

I'm starting to think of an interface that can pick songs for you based on key words in a sentence you type and then narrowing down songs for your playlist based on other questions that are asked.

Another idea is that users and purchase an affordable "make your own playlist kit online" with this usb, package, booklet, whatever, users can customize them and follow loose instructions on what songs to put on this list (i.e randomly choose the 82nd song in your iTunes or type in your favorite color and chose the first song on that search list.)

These ideas would then just be for the user. There wouldn't really be any person to person sharing. What is a richer experience? I think it should be an experience that connects people and supports collaboration.

A solution for an audience interested in networking and collaboration. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Self-Assessed Que and Aye [Post 3.0]

It's like I'm interviewing myself. El oh el.

Q.What space will this design live in?
A1. Online – think playlist site like Spotify, GrooveShark, Rdio, etc.
A2. In the form of a package that can be sent and received by participants.

Q. What kind of community and level of relationship do these people have?
A1. These people know each other. It's a chain of friends sharing music with one another.
A2. Complete strangers – these people enter what genre they want to share and select a genre they want to listen to and know more about. Users are "hooked up" and send in their created package. It's sent with someone of the same match. (For example: I want a rap mix and I want to know more about jazz. I pick the rap bundle of materials. It gets sent to my house. After I send it back in, finished, I get a package and mix about jazz that another user has created. Once the company gets the finished packages back [before they're switched to different users] they get documented and put up on the site.)

Q. Where is the music harbored?
A1. Online in a saved portfolio. (Boring).
A2. On a flash drive, in a package.
A3. On a compact disk someone sent you.
A4. Have the option to get this finalized product customized in a vinyl record.

Q. What geners will you include (because there's a bajillion sub genres out there).
A1. There's a list of genres. Yeah, it's a lot to work with. Main ones I am interested in include:  Blues, Country, Electronic, Hip-hop & Rap, Pop, Ska, Hardcore, Punk, Classic Rock. (open to suggestions and other genres).

Q. How will the subgenres become recognized?
A1. Hell, I am not sure yet. I was thinking just a small section where users can handwrite and label subgenres.

Q. What will make users want to take part in this design system?
A1. Create an online board where users send in their own creations which can be viewed and rated. Then they become downloaded.
A2. It becomes a creative process. Think of it as an exquisite corpse playlist. When the audience receives a playlist they can add or subtract to the device [a thumb drive seems most appropriate in this situation].
A3. Who doesn't like getting something in the mail?

I Got a Question For Ya

How can I use graphic design to teach passionate music enthusiasts about different genres of music and make them willing to share and explore other genres as well?

Enhancing the Experience [Post 2.0]

One of many clever packaging ideas I have looked and and tucked under my thinking cap for inspiration for The Information by Beck. This album comes with stickers to customize but still stylistically hold to what Beck originally wanted the stickers to feel like.

This idea gives me the platform to create and design what I want users to be limited to use. This limitation isn't necessarily a bad thing. The audience I'm looking at already seem to be creatively inclined and I want this to still be my project. They can make what they want – as long as it's with some basic "tools that I create".  I say tool because I'm not sure what form this is going to take yet. Yeesh. 

Whaddup, wikipedia article about this album and Beck.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Icelandic Chip Packaging [Post 1.1]

Here is some inspirational Icelandic potato chip packaging. There's so much information and facts on the inside. It can also be made into a box and then spread out for something to share or potentially keep.