Friday, March 30, 2012

Times Getting Close [Post 17.0]

Some feedback that I was presented with from the last presentation was of the following:

- Is the thumb scan necessary to the story?
- Make sure that the narrative doesn't have too much of a disconnect from the screens, actions.
- Verbal/audio tagging?
- Could the app pop up and remind user while they're listening?
- Make sure navigation is smooth in transitions.
- Can it grab songs not in your iTunes?
- Work on the name.

On that note, I've been thinking about the name quite a bit. This method has sprouted from pulling different words and kind of throwing them together as best as that could mash up and fit. 

I always feel quite cheesy making names and I'm not very good at it. As of now, I have LifeTempo but I want the title to sound a little more personal than it actually is. 

Here are some scans of what I'm considering making changed to and outlining my scinerios too. From this, a checklist has formed of what screens need as far as buttons and how many types of screen I need to redesign. During this whole process I also need to keep in mind 

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